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A Match Made in Heaven: Small Businesses and Live Answering Services

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The results are divine when small businesses team up with a professional live answering services. Here’s why the two are an ideal match. You have a small business and it’s growing. Your customers are excited about your company and they are telling others about it. Sales are on the rise and things are really starting… Read more »

Customer Happiness – How To Create It

How to Help Customers Feel Valued, and Not Like a Commodity         Every business has to think about its customers. Without their money coming into an organization, it is only a matter of time before the doors have to close. However, it is easy to get so wrapped up in the numbers… Read more »

Tracking Customer Service Impressions

Track Customer Service Impressions With Your Answering Service Using an answering service to help improve overall perceptions of customer service is something that every business can benefit from. However, there are ways that you can use the talents of your answering services to bolster your levels of customer service beyond simply eliminating on-hold times. One… Read more »

Why An Answering Service is a Good Plan

Why Leaving Answering Phones to the Professionals is a Good Plan For Executing Great Customer Service Everyone has their part to play in the large machinery of a modern corporation. IT professionals are experts at implementing and maintaining technology infrastructure. Sales people spend years learning how to create value and close a deal. Customer service… Read more »

How Calls Should Be Answered – The Three “P’s”

How Calls Should Be Answered – The Three “P’s” Anyone who answers phones for your company should keep three things in mind at all times. It doesn’t matter if this is a dedicated receptionist, an answering service, or a CEO. These factors remain important no matter who is on the other end of the line,… Read more »

Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels

Learn About Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels The best hotels around act as an oasis for exhausted travelers. After meeting with clients, enjoying the sights of a new city, or visiting the night away, nothing is quite as welcome or as needed as a clean, quiet, and comfortable hotel room…. Read more »

Live Chat Makes Customer Service Faster, More Efficient

Technology has made consumers less patient with long waits for service and support. Shoppers who can send money around the world with the click of a mouse don’t have much tolerance for being put on hold or having to go through an automated decision tree to get help from a business. That’s why many live… Read more »

What Is IVR?

In a call center environment it is essential to be able to answer customer calls, prioritize needs and deliver solutions that achieve caller and business goals. In order to maximize efficiency and quality in a call center, implementing the right tools and technology puts a business on the path to success. Without these solutions in… Read more »