It’s Okay to NOT do Everything Yourself

It's Okay To Not Do Everything Yourself

Entrepreneurs often shoulder a ton of the work on their own, but that’s not usually the best route to success.

It is frequently ingrained in entrepreneurs that they should be able to do it all and balance it all like some kind of superhero. There is certainly something powerful about having complete control over every aspect of your business. Impressive? Sure. However, doing everything by yourself as a startup or small business can actually be detrimental to your business, your social life, and even your health.

Often times, small business owners and entrepreneurs need to count their pennies. Every dollar is precious for startups and small businesses. So it’s no surprise that an entrepreneur would know that hiring employees is one of the most costly things they can do. This is what drives many entrepreneurs to save money by just shouldering the load and doing it all themselves.

That sort of work ethic is admirable, but it also comes with costs of its own. While entrepreneurship does require a certain amount of hands-on work, too much of it can actually stunt the growth of your business. Additionally, putting in too many hours can have a negative impact on your family and social life. Plus, once your work starts cutting into your sleep schedule or causing too much stress, then your health will even begin to deteriorate.

Sometimes, whether we are adept at something or not, we shouldn’t do it ourselves. Thankfully, there is a solution that can help take some of the work of the plates of entrepreneurs without overburdening startups and small businesses with the costs associated to hiring additional staff.

Outsourcing can be a cost-effective way to help entrepreneurs take some of the work off their plate while keeping the business on track for success.

If you have a professional remote receptionist service which can answer your phone calls, provide customer service, screen callers, relay important messages, and assist with appointment scheduling, then you have time to work on the other parts of your business.

Bookkeeping is another area where companies can outsource. There are professional accountants and bookkeepers which will issue paychecks, track expenses, and supply you with end of the year reporting for tax filings. Most entrepreneurs don’t get into business to get swallowed up in the books. This one is a no-brainer to hand off.

IT management, cyber security, and marketing and web services are just a few more functions which can be outsourced effectively. The reality is that many areas of business are similar from company to company, which means there is probably a good outsourcing solution. As an entrepreneur, your time and focus should be on the aspects of your company that you are uniquely qualified to handle.

Outsourcing business tasks like these not only help your business thrive, but it also gives you back part of your day that you can spend with family/friends, catching up on sleep, or just spending some time doing whatever it is you do to unwind. These side benefits to outsourcing for entrepreneurs provides room to breathe and grow. Finding a better work/life balance is a benefit which never makes the bottom line on the books, but is still critical for ultimate success.

They say one of the biggest regrets people have is they spent too much time stressing over work and trying to achieve success, while leaving little room for anything else. Yes, it’s important to have goals and work hard, but why not have it all with a balanced life? It only takes some strategic outsourcing to make it happen.

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