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Secure Messaging (HIPAA)

Experience the benefits of customized secure messaging solutions while protecting information and staying compliant.

Signius Secure Messaging Solutions

Our secure messaging solutions provide a HIPAA-compliant way to safely exchange sensitive information via text with your colleagues. Our users experience all of the benefits of texting, but in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Standard methods of messaging like email, pagers and SMS texting, are not normally secure and protected. In reality, they regularly fail to meet legal requirements such as HIPAA and HITECH. That lack of security can put your organization at risk of violation because the information is vulnerable. Sending protected health information (PHI) within your own organization, retrieving messages from an answering service, sharing information with other medical providers and even communicating with patients must be done via a secure method. Encrypted messaging keeps you and your patients safe.

Here are some facts about the healthcare industry and messaging:

  • Millions of text messages are sent each month in the United States by healthcare professionals
  • More than 80% of medical professionals use texting to transmit PHI
  • Almost 90% of physicians use smartphones in the workplace
  • When decisions can be make quickly, productivity increases
  • Medical workers must quickly relay protected health info
  • Studies show that texting will likely almost completely replace pagers within the next three years
  • SMS texting is not secure
  • HIPAA-compliant texting devices do not exist
  • Signius can provide call center services and set you up on a secure messaging platform to manage texting risks

Delivering messages as a medical answering service is a major part of what we do, so it makes sense that we do so in a manner that is as compliant and secure as possible. If you have yet to select a secure messaging service, we can bring the best resources to you since we partner with the most trusted providers in the industry. Yet, even if you’ve already started with a service that you are comfortable with, we can interface with them. When building a secure messaging service that is customized to your needs, our variety of options and partners allow you the flexibility you deserve. And one that solves your unique secure messaging challenges.

Image of a business professional using a secure messaging solution on her cell phone

As mentioned above, with nearly 90% of physicians using smartphones in their workplace, secure transmission methods allow for fully encrypted messages to those smartphones, as well as tablets and computers. Operating systems for Android, Apple, Windows or Blackberry are supported.

An important aspect of your secure messaging platform is that your messages live in a guarded, cloud-based environment, which means they never have to exist on your device. This reduces risks associated with the loss of a device. You can also password protect your messaging platform, set up critical message alerts that leave a time-stamped auditable trail, and read receipts can also be activated to confirm delivery and viewing. Encrypting applies to all aspects of the message, such as file attachments and photographs, and you can create hundreds of users rapidly, while designing user groups and designating escalation rules. Remote deactivation by a network administrator is available should a device be stolen or lost.

While ensuring compliance with the law is a major benefit, what else do secure messaging solutions provide?

  • Increased patient service, better managed cost and improved efficiency
  • Send and receive protected messages immediately with no character limit
  • Data breach security and protection
  • Workflows tailored to real-time staffing requirements
  • Secure collaboration and communication between doctors and patients
  • On-call scheduler integration
  • Secure messaging programs customized to your specific requirements
  • Admission/transfer/discharge notifications from hospitals to:
    – Community physicians; Outside health agencies; Case managers
  • Improved message history and reporting for accurate records

Seamless operation within your organization depends on an ability to communicate in a secure environment. Since healthcare professionals need to quickly disseminate protected information to increase productivity and enhance patient care, HIPAA-compliant messaging has many applications that only start with secure messages from your service provider.

The medical field today has an absolute need for secure messaging. But that messaging also has applications for any group that needs to protect information. We’d love to talk to you today about what the right secure messaging solution is for your organization, so you can enjoy an easy-to-use, money-saving, safe and compliant communications platform.

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