Paging and Dispatch Services

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Paging and Dispatch Services

Signius dispatch and paging services helps businesses connect their technicians, doctors, and on-call staff to customers 24/7/365 with the kind of reliability and coverage you require to never miss an opportunity.

It is nearly impossible to know when an emergency is going to occur. When it does, you want to make sure you have made the appropriate plans and preparations to deal with the situation quickly and effectively. Having a dependable, 24/7, live dispatch service in place that is able to respond to your urgent calls with a high level of efficiency can be crucial for your customers and your business. With Signius, you not only get a team with the fastest pickup times in the industry, but you are also arming your business with a highly experienced group of agents capable of handling delicate situations with empathy, speed and accuracy.

Customize Your Dispatch Plan to Fit Your Requirements

Signius has developed flexible and robust dispatch and paging services that can be customized from the ground up to fit the needs of your customers and solve the unique challenges you face. To help us better tailor our dispatching services for you, we will partner you with an experienced onboarding agent who will work with you to identify what your business determines to be an urgent call and exactly how we should be responding those situations. Do you have a specific internal person who you have designated to handle emergency situations that we need to call, text, or page once we have determined the nature of the call to be urgent? Do you have multiple team members that you need to deploy who are on call and waiting to jump into action? Do you have an on-call list that we should use and escalate accordingly? Whatever rules you set for your dispatching service, our agents will follow without fail.

Never Miss an Emergency Call

Partnering with Signius to support your inbound phone calls is the best way to protect your business against ever missing another call again. No matter what size your business is, you can affordably rely on our live agent to dispatch calls in support of your doctors, technicians, and employees on a 24/7 basis.

Each of our dispatching agents are friendly and highly trained to have excellent communication and computer skills so they are able to accurately record detailed information and promptly dispatch that information to the necessary personnel.

Image of four Signius call agents providing message and paging services

Paging and Text Message Dispatch: Instant Urgent Messages in The Palm of Your Hands

Have your urgent calls converted to actionable text and sent to you or your team instantly. Using text message or paging dispatch is a quick, simple and cost-effective way to connect your business’s key resources to crucial messages 24 hours a day, every day. Like our live dispatching services, you have full control over how you set the rules for what types of calls get escalated, whether those calls are from clients, internal team members, patients, family or friends.

Signius Text Message and Paging Dispatch is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that wherever you are, as long as you have your device, you will receive each and every critical message almost instantly. Our highly trained dispatch operators will be on the front lines of your phone system speaking with each caller using a customized greeting and a script designed to collect the information you require. We accurately record your messages and immediately forward them on to the mobile device of your choosing. It’s dispatching made simple, affordable and effective.

Signius Dispatch and Paging Services include:

Mobile Device Messaging: Select the pager, cell phone or other mobile device you want to use for your dispatching service and start receiving urgent messages from your callers based on how you have your account setup.

On-Call Dispatch: Establish your on-call team and set up a dispatch service that connects them to messages so they can immediately respond to critical situations. Edit your on-call schedule whenever necessary.

Simplified Corporate/Multi-location Account Management: Run your multiple business locations through our easy-to-use client portal to simplify management of your services and billing over any number of locations you require.

Nationwide Coverage: Continue to get support when you’re on the go. Signius will continue to serve you and your business no matter where you or your people are with our local, regional and nationwide coverage.

Message Backups and Archives: Get backup copies of your messages through our secure account portal whenever you need them. This provides transparency and accountability across the board, throughout your organization and ours. We make accessing your data easy.

Call us today for a free consultation and set your business up with our affordable and effective paging and dispatch services. An experienced onboarding agent can work with you to customize a plan that perfectly meets your requirements while giving you the functionality and freedom you desire. Your 24/7, live support team is standing by.

Why Signius Paging and Dispatch Services?

  • 100% US-based
  • 12 Locations Across the US
  • Fully Customized Services
  • Highly-Trained, Live Receptionists
  • Bilingual Services
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • State-of-the-Art Technology Solutions
  • Online Client Reporting Available 24/7
  • No Canned Responses; Scripts Customized with You in Mind

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