Do you provide emergency services? Or simply need to respond ASAP to calls, emails or faxes regardless of the time of day? Signius Communications can provide you with that level urgent and emergency dispatching services from any of our 13 US-based locations.

Our emergency phone operators have been trained to provide services in compliance with all applicable regulations, including HIPAA. Respond to any emergency or reach a member of your team, day or night without delay.

Paging/dispatch services you can count on 24/7:

  • Highly-trained personnel
  • Live receptionists
  • 100% US-based
  • Bilingual
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Fully customizable to meet your needs

Why Signius Communications?

  • 100% US-based
  • 12 Locations Across the US
  • Fully Customized Services
  • State-of-the-Art Technology Solutions
  • Online Client Reporting Available 24/7
  • No Canned Responses; Scripts Customized with You in Mind