How Business Owners are Boosting their Companies with Answering Services

How Business Owners Are Boosting Their Businesses With Answering Services

Many business owners have realized the powerful impact that using an answering service can have on their company. Is it your turn?

Just how many hats can one person wear at a time? Perhaps many, but probably not very successfully (and certainly not fashionably). Business owners are no stranger to piling hats on top of their head trying to play many roles within the company. It’s often the nature of the gig, but is it the best way to do things? A majority of the time, the answer is no.

All of us are good at something. Some of us aren’t good at marketing, but great in sales. Others of us can’t close a deal to save our lives, or our businesses, but we are great at balancing a budget. There are those who are incapable of managing others, but can provide outstanding customer service. And then there might be people who are excellent programmers, but don’t have the people skills to perform customer-facing duties.

The point is, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. The goal, as a business owner, should be to play to your strengths, be honest about your restrictions, and get help in areas that make sense. Should you be one of those people who really feels there is no one who can do things better than you, it may be time to get over that.

Running a business, a successful one, means you are going to have to delegate. You will need a team to work with you, and you will need that team to understand your vision. Your team doesn’t have to just be your employees either. It can also include business partners you outsource certain job functions to, vendors you work with, or even your friends and family who support what you do.

Many business owners have found that one of the most important pieces of their team is their answering service. After all, what good is all the work you put in to make the phone ring if nobody is available to answer it?

Recent studies show that almost 80% of callers hang up when they reach voicemail – meaning unless a representative of your business is available to answer every call as they come in, you are missing a lot of opportunities.

Having someone to answer the phone when a current or potential customer calls is critical to keeping and landing new clients. One easy, proven solution is to use an answering service for small businesses to handle incoming calls, or even to function as your receptionist.

So how are business owners using answering services to boost their businesses?

Focus on your core competencies

A ringing phone is a distraction, but as discussed before, it’s also an opportunity that can’t be ignored. So you or a staff member interrupts what is being worked on to pick up the phone. It takes time and effort to get back in the zone after a call. Just about every time you’re back in the swing of things, the phone rings again. An answering service takes that kind of interruption of your plate so you and your team can keep your focus on your core business and ultimately be as productive as possible throughout the day.

Your business will be open 24/7/365

Today’s environment is one of instant replies and real-time communication. It’s never a good thing when your callers, patients and potential clients can’t reach you quickly and sometimes instantly. Your team of professional phone agents are here for you and your callers 24/7/365, days, nights, weekends and holidays. Put simply, you will never miss another call…how does that sound?

Boost your brand image

Many small business owners frequently run their business from their smartphone which means making and receiving calls, answering emails and checking their calendar to see where the day will take them next. But the downside if they are trying to answer calls while driving, running errands or heading into or out of a meeting. As a result of not always responding at a traditional quiet office, the background noise or other distractions can make them appear less than professional.

Answering each call with a real, helpful representative gives your business a polished, professional feel that callers appreciate. Even if you’re a small shop or one person operation, having a live receptionist handling calls can make your business seem bigger than it really is. Experienced remote secretaries work from a script that delivers a consistent, branded encounter for each person that dials your organization.

You can capture more leads

People who call you that are looking to make a purchase or schedule an appointment can’t do that if you don’t answer. If they get put on hold for very long, encounter an automated system, or get sent to voicemail then they will hang up and call your competitor. Having an answering service ready to handle calls in call overflow situations at busy times during the day or after hours once you’ve headed out ensures that you are capturing every sales lead possible to grow your business.

Improve you customer service

Your existing clients are the backbone of your company. You want to retain clients as long as possible and giving your customer service game a boost with live answering services will show your callers that you have made them a priority. Satisfied customers tell others about their positive experiences with your company and even write glowing online reviews. Good customer service can be a huge driver of business.

Finally achieve your work/life balance

Using a live receptionist service even enables you to strike a better work/life balance. You know, that thing you’re supposed to have but just can manage to attain with all the demands of your business. Just imagine being able to leave the office each day and getting to spend some time with friends/family without worrying that you’ll miss something.

Save your business money

Some small business owners have already realized the importance of not missing a call, but struggled with finding the budget to hire a receptionist to work at their office, if they even have a physical office at all. Hiring a full-time staff member to answer the phone will cost a typical business at least $2,500 – $3,000 a month in salary alone. Any extras, such as benefits, insurance, a desk, phone, computer, etc. will add more to that cost. A professional live answering service plan with Signius starts at just $45/month.

These are some of the big ways that business owners are boosting their business with an answering service. They’ve realized all the wonderful benefits and have used them to their advantage to become very successful. If it’s time that you get in on the action and find out what a customized receptionist solution do for you, then contact us today!

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