How Attorneys are Benefiting Greatly from Law Firm Answering Services

Attorneys Befefit From Law Firm Answering Services

Attorneys who partner with a law firm answering service are experiencing huge benefits that enable them to grow their practice, provide better client support, and more.

Good attorneys should always be open to harnessing methods that bring in new clients, help them take care of existing cases, and make sure past clients keep returning. One proven way to accomplish all of this can be vouched for by lawyers across the country. A law firm answering service is a highly recommended way to deliver superior service and help your practice grow.

When a caller dials your office in need of legal assistance, one of the worst things hat can happen is they encounter an automated message saying something like, “Your call is important to us, so please leave a message.” What they really hear is, “We’re too busy to help you, so go somewhere else.” It is certainly not your intention to convey that message and you really would like to make sure every caller gets to talk to someone helpful right away, but you or your staff are too busy to handle each call when it comes in.

Either you’re busy taking care of other clients, working on a case, in court, or maybe even trying to spend some time with family after hours. Even if you have a receptionist during the day to field incoming calls, greet visitors, and help out with admin work, a traditional secretary has limits. It is not uncommon for them to get too busy or be unavailable to ensure every call is answered quickly.

So when callers end up getting sent to voicemail, odds are they aren’t going to leave a message. But if they do, and even if you do respond as soon as the next day, there is a good chance you’ve already lost that business. People with urgent legal needs don’t leave a voicemail and wait patiently for a return call. If they don’t speak to a representative of your office right away then they are highly likely to call another attorney and give them their case. It’s a live person or on to the next firm looking for representation.

Talking to a live person at the first point of contact with a cheery and professional greeting can be a perfect way to make a good first impression and start things off on the right foot. A helpful representative can reassure callers that their case if of importance and set things in motion to get the case handling process started.

A law firm answering service provides round-the-clock assistance with experienced receptionists who are trained in taking care of calls for attorneys. They can answer questions about your office (location, hours, expertise), begin the legal intake process, schedule appointments, screen calls that aren’t important to you, and overall provide a polished, professional impression of your practice.

We all know that lawyers don’t always work a typical 9-5 job. Legal professionals are notorious for regularly burning the midnight oil and spending all hours researching cases, preparing for court and reviewing paperwork. There are days you start early, work late and can’t be bothered by interruptions that throw off your focus. This is where answering services for attorneys can also help you attain max productivity, because they take care of the ringing phone instead of letting it disrupt your workflow.

While an in-house phone team may leave at 5 p.m., an answering service for lawyers is available 24/7 to ensure your office has a solution in place to always take great care of callers. This 24-hour coverage gives you back the time you want to focus on generating more billable hours rather than tedious admin work. It can also give you the opportunity to strike a better work-life balance while never having to worry about missing an opportunity to bring on a new client or case.

As a lawyer, you’re going to face unique challenges. Having a law firm answering service is often an ideal solution. You want to have a professional voice answering your clients needs, winning you new clients and keeping you free from unnecessary interruptions. These are just some of the many benefits that our attorney answering services provide. Contact us today to find out how else we can tip the scales in your favor!

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