Technology Solutions

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Technology Solutions

Real technology solutions for real businesses facing real challenges. While real people are the backbone of our live services, their effectiveness and your benefits are multiplied when our customized technology solutions are also deployed.

Here at Signius Communications, we strive to provide our clients with the greatest value possible. To do this, we have made it our mission to deliver industry leading technology designed to pair perfectly with our world-class answering services and call center solutions. Our technology solutions have been created to help our clients not only save on costs, but to also maximize operational efficiencies and improve the overall experience of interacting with your business for your customers.

Here is a bit about our technology solutions:

Custom Developed Client Portal

As a client of Signius, you will get access to our custom developed client portal where you can manage your account using a variety of specialized controls we have built into the system. Access and manage your members, schedule time-activated alerts, set and manage shift assignments, create on-call schedules, manage your directories and even access your call recordings all in one place.

The client portal benefits don’t stop there! Users on the system are also able to review key statistics from our call traffic reporting as well as access messages that are un-filed, archived or waiting to be handled in the online portal. We’ve made it easy to pay your bill through our client portal too. This tool designed exclusively for our customers isn’t usually the number one reason why our clients have chosen us, but it sure is a great perk once they’re onboard.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Do you feel like your business pretty straight forward? Is the bulk of the questions your customers ask relatively simple, short answers that could be provided to them with minimal explanation required? Sounds like you could be a prime candidate for our Interactive Voice Response system. This technology is offered so that clients who are interested in reducing their costs with Signius Communication’s live call answering services have an option that can still support inbound calls with a basic level of information that would be valuable for most callers.

With support from one of our experienced account reps, you will go through a simple process of setting up a customized script that is both user friendly and meets the needs of your callers in a way that reduces the need to engage live phone agents to support your callers. But of course we can build in an option that allows users to speak directly with a helpful representative.

How Does IVR Technology work?

Interactive Voice Response Technology provides a scripted experience that responds dynamically to information provided by callers to help get those callers the answers they need as quickly as possible. The system will take answers from your callers regarding things like their name or choosing from a preset short list of reasons for calling and either guide them directly to the recorded answer to their question or connect them to a live phone agent who is ready to take on more complex inquiries that could not be fully resolved by the IVR system.

Not sure if your business could be supported solely by an IVR system, but still want the cost saving benefits of an automated script that could help most callers? Many clients find that the best way to optimize their cost effectiveness is by integrating this technology with our live call answering services, enabling them to serve each caller’s needs as fully and efficiently as possible.

Image of two healthcare professionals using a secure messaging system

Secure Messaging

Does your industry have certain restrictions that requires your messaging to meet specific security standards? Signius Communications has worked diligently to keep up with a variety of industry regulations regarding security and is proud to offer this protection as a part of the technology package that comes with our services.

Image of two healthcare professionals using a secure messaging systemBusinesses and organizations needing to exchange sensitive data in a way that is HIPAA-compliant can rest assured that they are covered with each message relayed between offices and peers. Want to text your coworkers in a way that is HIPAA-compliant? We’ve got you covered here, too.

With our users in mind, we have developed a service that allows you to message securely without relying on invasive phone calls. To take that user experience a step further, we designed our system to be accessible via the internet and have even developed a mobile app that can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone for your convenience.

VaaS (Voicemail as a Service)

Maybe your company isn’t ready to get started with a live answering service, or you would like some individual voicemail boxes set up along with your virtual receptionist service in the event you’re unavailable to take a call transferred to you. Signius Communications offers Voicemail as a Service (VaaS) so businesspeople on the go can still benefit from the convenience of being served voice messages directly to them by text, email or access via .wav audio files whenever it is most convenient for you.

If having messages transcribed into a different format is more effective for you and your business, our Signius Communications agents can quickly convert your audio into the format of your choice.

Whatever level of inbound phone support your business requires, Signius Communications has the technology and expertise to customize a solution suited just for you. Contact us today to get a free consultation and let us help you find the perfect fit for your business.

Real Reviews

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Michael P., Managing Member

"Our Company has been with the team at Signius for over 30 years. Signius hasn't missed a beat. Signius must dispatch calls to different employees at different hours on different days and they hit a grand slam for us."

Elizabeth B., Office Manager

"We would like to thank Signius for 7 years of excellent service. We would recommend their services to any business that strives for excellent customer service."

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