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Best of the 2016 Signius Blog

Image of a hand holding a sparkler to celebrate the best of the 2016 Signius blog

We revved up our blog efforts this year, so let’s have a look back and see what some of our top posts from 2016 look like. We hope this year has been as good to you as it has to us. 2016 afforded us the opportunity to put some time and effort back into our… Read more »

Marketing Tip – Take Your Questions to Your Customers

Marketing Tip – Take Your Questions to Your Customers Many successful companies are playing with a stacked deck full of marketing experts, advertising gurus, customer experience innovators and market research masters. However, for all the money, time and work that is often put into improving products, services or procedures within a company, there is often… Read more »

Three Creative Ways to Say “No” to Your Customers

Three Creative Ways to Say “No” to Your Customers                 Whether your career in the client relations business has been long or short, the chances that you have been told “the customer is always right,” is very likely. Clients come in all forms and while there are many people who are accepting of the answer… Read more »

Four Advances in Technology That Are Changing the Medical Industry

Recent advances in medical technologies are changing the way healthcare providers are offering services. From remote checkups to personal monitoring devices and remote emergency medical dispatchers, these advances will have an impact on the way people receive healthcare and related services now and in the near future. Needless Diabetic Care: Diabetics are used to poking… Read more »

How to Reduce Employee Turnover

In today’s highly competitive markets, one of the distinguishing features which differentiate businesses is their level of customer service. Maintaining high customer service levels often poses challenges for business of all sizes. Many customer service positions have some of the lowest pay scales, compared to other positions. As such, it is common for a typical… Read more »