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How to Quickly Improve Customer Care and Grow Your Business

Improving customer satisfaction can have a massively positive impact on your bottom line. Here’s how you can enhance your customer service, which will lead to business growth. Your new product is a huge hit—bigger than your wildest dreams, and the calls are coming in faster than your staff can handle. Or perhaps you provide a… Read more »

How to Turn a Bad Customer Experience Into a Good One

Image of a businesswoman shaking hands after turning a bad customer experience into a good one

Each frustrated customer that contacts your company is an opportunity to transform the situation into a positive customer experience and develop brand loyalty. An angry customer calling to express their frustration with an issue they have with your product, service or company is one of your greatest opportunities to create a brand advocate. Resolve an… Read more »

2017 Customer Service Nightmares

Image of a woman scared of the worst customer service nightmares of 2017

The year 2017 has haunted the world with some nightmarish customer service experiences. Here are a few of the most horrific. As a customer, you probably assume that customer service should be a positive and reinforcing experience. And why shouldn’t it be? You have made the choice to do business with a company over its… Read more »

Customer Service in the Modern Era

When Offering Customer Service in the Modern Era, Don’t Forget the Human Connection Yes, customer service is a massive industry that employees thousands of people across the country. Despite this, customers shopping in a wide variety of niches often feel ignored, and that their interactions with companies lack the human touch. Well over three-quarters of… Read more »

Five Strategies for Improving the Overall Experience of Dealing with Your Organization

Five Strategies for Improving the Overall Experience of Dealing with Your Organization Thinking about the customer experience is a way to take a broader view than we sometimes afford ourselves when thinking about improving customer service. Customer service is critical, but the total customer experience is a larger concept that includes every single way that… Read more »

Understanding Customer Requests

The Value of Accurately Understanding Customer Requests In an increasingly complex business world, and at a time when the economy is presenting difficulties to many, understanding exactly what your clients and customers want is of the utmost importance. A satisfied customer’s true value is when they return for repeat business. In an environment where the… Read more »

Customer Happiness – How To Create It

How to Help Customers Feel Valued, and Not Like a Commodity         Every business has to think about its customers. Without their money coming into an organization, it is only a matter of time before the doors have to close. However, it is easy to get so wrapped up in the numbers… Read more »

Tracking Customer Service Impressions

Track Customer Service Impressions With Your Answering Service Using an answering service to help improve overall perceptions of customer service is something that every business can benefit from. However, there are ways that you can use the talents of your answering services to bolster your levels of customer service beyond simply eliminating on-hold times. One… Read more »