Answering Services For Universities and Higher Education


Answering Services For Universities and Higher Education

Signius Communications live answering service for universities, colleges, and education systems can assist callers with providing any general information about classes, financial aid, or other basic questions. Our agents can also perform as a receptionist, taking messages and/or connecting callers with the appropriate individual or department.

Colleges deal with a volume of incoming calls that not many other businesses can compare to, or understand. As a result, they have some unique demands when it comes to making sure that all callers receive answers to their inquiries. An answering service for colleges understands the demands placed on a college’s communication system, and has the tools in place to help alleviate some of the burden that the existing communications infrastructure at the school is likely feeling.

One of the basic services that a college’s answering service will offer is the ability to customize the scripts used by the agents to reflect the branding and identity of the college. This is an important part of the process to help assure students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders that the answering service is working on behalf of the college.

A key service offered by answering services for colleges is ensuring that messages get routed to the appropriate departments. One of the problems faced by many colleges is that incoming callers aren’t even sure who they need to speak to, and they will often end up calling the wrong department. With a skilled answering service in place, callers may actually end up speaking with the appropriate party faster, because the answering service will have all the information at their fingertips regarding how and where to route callers based on their reason for calling.

Higher Education Answering services you can count on 24/7:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Admissions Questions
  • Tuition Support
  • Bilingual Agents
  • Email response management
  • Higher Education Experienced

Answering services that specialize in working with higher education institutions also have the ability to help answer some basic questions that incoming callers may have. It is always worth inquiring about how much experience an answering service has in working with client colleges. They may have the ability to integrate their own systems with the college’s allowing them to access student records and provide answers directly to a wide range of basic inquiries.

Another reason that an answering service is a vital component of a college’s communication team is their ability to offer around the clock service to callers. Because of the hours that students keep between classes and extracurricular activities, many often have trouble reaching out to the administrative departments at a college during regular business hours. This can quickly turn into endless games of phone tag if the only recourse a caller has is to leave a message on a machine. With a college answering service, a caller can talk to a real person and provide vital information, such as when they have gaps in their schedule and can be reached. This helps to avoid the otherwise inevitable communication breakdowns.

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Ultimately, communication lies at the heart of making a college run smoothly. With a high-quality college answering service at your fingertips, you can help ensure that the impression you pass along to both current and future students is that of an institution that puts student needs at the fore.

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