Bilingual Answering Services

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Bilingual Answering Services

Signius Communications‘ affordable bilingual answering services 24/7. We provide fully answering service support from professional Spanish speaking agents.

A bilingual answering service is something that every company should consider adding to their arsenal of tools designed to grow their client base. In fact, in many cases a skilled bilingual answering service can be an effective marketing tool for attracting new clients to your business.

With a few rare exceptions, almost every community in the country now has residents that English is not their first language. If you use an answering service that only employees English speaking agents, you are already limiting yourself by greatly reducing the chance that the populations of other primary languages are going to choose you when looking for your particular product or service. In addition, if you do business with speakers of other languages currently, they may find it frustrating when calling in and being required to speak to someone at your answering service who has little or no knowledge of their language.

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Spanish speaking answering services you can trust:

  • Highly-trained personnel
  • Live receptionists
  • 100% US-based
  • Bilingual
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Call patching and paging

In most communities in the United States, the most useful bilingual answering services are going to be those that have Spanish-speaking agents. According to The Guardian, there are now more native Spanish speakers in the United States than there are in the entire country of Spain, with roughly 41 million citizens claiming it as their first language.

Even though many of those Spanish speakers may be very skilled English speakers, the reality is that most people prefer to do business in their native tongue. Even if they find doing business in another language relatively straightforward, there is something easy and comforting for people when they are able to communicate in their first language. So, by making a switch as simple as employing a bilingual answering service, you’re already making an effort to reach out to the Spanish community in your area by trying to offer them the same service in their first language that your English speaking customers receive.

It also pays to think about what your competitors might be doing. If they’re not employing a Spanish speaking answering service, then making one part of your team could offer a huge opportunity to tap the potential market share available among Spanish speakers in your region. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the most effective marketing always takes place on the ground in the form of word of mouth. If you build a reputation for having bilingual agents that can take Spanish caller’s requests, word will spread, and you could find yourself tapping into a previously under-utilized prospect pool.

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In addition, patient care can actually be improved by having a medical answering service in place. Although there are often alternatives available, some people’s first instinct may be to call their primary care providers when an emergency strikes. If that call goes to voicemail, there is no guarantee the person will receive the care they require in a timely manner. A health-care answering service support hospitals, doctors, PCP’s and can ensure that emergency calls are handled in the appropriate manner, and routed to the most suitable end point.

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Think about your client base, and about the potential clients living in your area. If you have any sort of a Spanish community in your region for whom your products or services could be a fit, then expanding your answering service to include bilingual agents could be a very savvy business move.

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