Is Your Company Prepared for Natural Disasters?

Is Your Company Prepared For Natural Disasters

If you wait until a natural disaster strikes to try and prepare your business, then you’re already too late. Ensuring your company is ready well beforehand will ensure you are able to weather the storm, no matter what form it takes.

If you live in a particularly disaster-prone area, you probably have your go-bag packed and ready. You may have a bin full of hurricane or earthquake supplies ready. Canned food, bottles of water, extra food for pets and a first aid kit, all in one place, in a waterproof container, ready for whatever comes. Batteries and flashlights, a radio, power backups for your laptop and smartphones. You are prepared.

But, is your company prepared? Are you performing regular backups of all your files? Do you have that backup stored offsite? Is there a generator hardwired into your office space which will switch on automatically if your power goes off? What happens to your phones when people can’t get to the office? Have you written an actual plan for how things should be handled during emergency situations? Is it comprehensive in nature to ensure your business is ready for catastrophes of any size?

Fires, floods, earthquakes, snow storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Wherever you live in the United States, your area is most likely prone to one or more type of natural disaster. That means your business is too. Waiting for one of these calamities to paralyze your company before bothering to plan for it is a critical mistake that will compound the impact of the disaster. Savvy businesses understand the importance of planning for natural disasters in order to make sure their people are safe and that their company stays afloat.

Many companies across the country have incorporated Signius Communications into their disaster recovery plan. Our disaster backup call center services are perfect for helping businesses on two fronts during emergencies.

First, and most importantly, you have to take care of your employees during disaster situations. You need to make sure they are safe and then decide if conditions are suitable for them to come into the office or how you’re going to manage your staff. A call center is ideal for this portion of disaster preparedness, because it enables you to communicate with your whole team quickly and efficiently. Simply decide who will or won’t be coming into the office, let your call center partner know, and then all employees can dial into your hotline to find out what they need to know. They can also call that number to report any issues or if they are safe so you can make sure everyone is accounted for.

Additionally, call centers can help your company conduct business as usual for customers even if you’re unable to operate normally. Even if your team can’t make it into the office or your phone lines are down, your call center backup for disaster situations can keep you up and running by covering your phones to take care of your customers. Representatives can update callers about your business status, take orders, reschedule appointments, assist with technical issues, and even get technicians dispatched to areas of need. A call center for emergencies is a great way to enable business continuity.

Consider this: If you choose a call center to work with in the event of a natural disaster, make sure you know where their operations are based and what their procedures are for emergencies in their area. If you choose a call center partner in your area, they are susceptible to the same disasters that your business is. We have multiple call centers strategically positioned across the country to guarantee a fantastic rate of up-time. If a crippling disaster occurs where one call center is located, we can simply roll calls over to others that are fully functional to make sure your business calls and employees are all being taken care of.

We’ve also built every redundancy imaginable into each of our call centers to protect against everything from a local power outage that only impacts a few city blocks to a massive snowstorm that troubles entire regions. We’re always prepared so that your business can be too!

No one wants to think about disasters of any sort, but not having a plan in the event of one is just plain negligence. At Signius, we have worked with our clients to build those types of plans. If you aren’t certain how to handle things, give us a call, we can help you put together a plan for how to handle things during a natural disaster.

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