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the world, the city of New York, (or sometimes known as The Big Apple), is the largest in the country. NYC is made up of five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Everybody has something to do and somewhere to be, because New York is an epicenter of culture and industry in the United States. With all that hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the pack in business. New York presents it’s own unique set of challenges for companies that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Being a local business ourselves, we understand that as well as anyone here and we are dedicated to helping organizations in the area succeed with our New York answering services.

Signius is set up to assist your NYC business run those daily operations smoothly. Rather than get interrupted by calls or miss them because you’re working on something else, we’ll cover your phones so you can focus on the big picture items and make the biggest impact with your time. While we definitely appreciate a hard days (or nights) work, we also think it’s important for people to get some work-life balance going. So we have your back whether you have us covering your overflow calls when you’re busy during the day or would like us to provide after hours answering service so you can enjoy a Yankees or Mets baseball game, or savor your dinner at your favorite New York restaurant.

In a city like New York, you need a business partner you can trust. Lots of local companies have chosen Signius as their provider of live support to improve the customer experience they offer and even grow their organization by helping them capitalize on more sales leads. The fact that many of our New York answering service clients have opted to partner with us for years is a vote of confidence like no other. Find out about our excellent call center squad for yourself by signing up for our 24 hour answering service. When you choose Signius, you aren’t just paying a few dollars on a month-by-month basis for an answering service. Instead, you’re hiring a professional group of employees who are focused on helping your business find success.

Answering Services Solutions For New York Businesses:

  • Affordable Phone Answering Plans
  • Appointment Setting & Lead Capture Programs
  • Call Screening & Patch Service
  • Voice Mail, IVR
  • No Hardware or Added Equipment Needed
Image of New York City where Signius provides answering services in New York

Located in lower Manhattan, not too far from One World Trade Center, we know that keeping a business running smoothly in NYC isn’t always the easiest task. Whether it’s a storm rolling through, employees not being able to make it into work, struggling to get the best ROI on your advertising dollars, or being unable to answer each call, it seems there is always some obstacle in the way. The bad thing about missing calls is that you are failing to take good care of your customers and losing chances at bringing on new ones. Fortunately, our answering services are designed to help take care of that issue and make your bottom line look good. We can customize an answering plan to fit your specific needs and conquer the challenges you face. Our call center agents are a professional bunch who will treat your callers with respect and expertly brand your business phone lines in a way that you and your customers will love. We do have several locations around the United States (because backup is always a good plan), but we are 100% local to New York, New York. So it’s always a special thing to us when we get to team up with other local New York businesses to assist them in their pursuit of success with our affordable answering services.

We offer an array of answering service solutions. Each one can be tailored to take care of your organization specifically. Call us today to find out more about our virtual receptionist services, appointment scheduling, order taking, and even our bilingual agents to assist with your Spanish speaking callers.

Our office is located at 7 Elk Street in New York City, but we also offer the same support in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and all throughout the state of New York.

Contact us today for more information or just give us a call in our New York, NY office at 212-245-3800!

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