Small Business Saturday

3 Keys to Winning Small Business Saturday

Small businesses have a chance to do big things on Small Business Saturday. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your company succeeds...

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Customer Service

Tracking Customer Service Impressions

Track Customer Service Impressions With Your Answering Service Using an answering service to help improve overall perceptions of customer service is something that every business...

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Exceptional Customer Service

The Key Elements to Providing Exceptional Customer Service

The desire to provide exceptional customer service is a good start. In order to make it a reality you need to have a mixture of...

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Smiling Customer Service

Why An Answering Service is a Good Plan

Why Leaving Answering Phones to the Professionals is a Good Plan For Executing Great Customer Service Everyone has their part to play in the large...

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Virtual Receptionist

When Choosing a Virtual Receptionist is the Right Move

There are many cases when a business can greatly benefit from using a virtual receptionist. Here’s how you can tell if it would be a...

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People Answering Phones

How Calls Should Be Answered – The Three “P’s”

How Calls Should Be Answered – The Three “P’s” Anyone who answers phones for your company should keep three things in mind at all times....

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Zombie Answering Service

Don’t Get Stuck With a Zombie Answering Service

Truly horrific in nature, zombie answering services drag down each unfortunate soul who makes the grave mistake of signing up with them. Thankfully, as long...

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False Promises In Customer Service

Avoiding Customer Service Clichés

Avoiding Customer Service Cliches and False Promises There are certain cliches that have become so ingrained in the fabric of customer service agents that they...

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Hotel Bell

Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels

Learn About Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels The best hotels around act as an oasis for exhausted travelers. After meeting...

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