3 Keys to Winning Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Small businesses have a chance to do big things on Small Business Saturday. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your company succeeds on the huge shopping day.

For the past several years, Small Business Saturday has been growing in popularity. Now, going into its 7th installment, SBS is on the verge of its biggest year yet. If your small business isn’t getting in on the action, then you’re missing out on what could be one of your best sales days all season. But you can’t just go into this thing blindly and hope to be a success. No, it takes some careful planning and execution if you want your organization to win on Small Business Saturday.

Here are three keys to help you seize SBS victory…

Team up

You’re probably not the only small business in your area. And SBS isn’t just about you. It’s about all small businesses, so it’s for the best that you team up with other local small businesses in your area to rock this event. Get creative and come up with a scavenger hunt or something that gets people in all of your stores, make a block party out of it, cross promote, and encourage your shoppers to stop by your neighbors store after they’re finished at yours. Think about this: are shoppers more likely to come visit your area if they just know that your small business is celebrating the event or if they are informed that all the small businesses in the area are making a big deal out of the event?

Let everyone know

So now that you’ve got other small businesses on-board for SBS, you better tell everyone about it. Email a newsletter that lists the participants and events. Post flyers in your store with details leading up to the big day. Blast out the specials you’ll be offering on all your social media channels. Tell all your loyal customers why they should come out to share Small Business Saturday with you and your fellow small biz partners. SBS is growing in popularity every year and it’s because small businesses like yours are realizing that they have to do their part to promote it. Don’t expect people to flock to your store that day just because you’re a small business. You’ve got to wrangle ’em!

Have enough of your people and your product

After pouring all that time and effort into making SBS a big deal it’d be a shame if you didn’t have enough staff to handle an increased number of shoppers. It would also be a bummer if you didn’t have enough product on hand to satisfy the masses. If you’re going to all the trouble of making Small Business Saturday a whole thing for your company, then you must make sure you have enough employees working to adequately take care of your shoppers and not let anyone get overwhelmed. Keep your inventory levels in mind too. If you’re running special deals (which you should) on any products, then have plenty in stock, because depleting your supply part way through the day would be a travesty.

Well, there you have it. Those are your three keys to winning Small Business Saturday. But no matter how the day plays out, remember to thank all of your customers for supporting local businesses. And don’t forget to have some fun with it, because this celebration is all about you!

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