5 Top Reasons to Outsource to a Call Center

Benefits Of Outsourcing To A Call Center

There are many good reasons that businesses choose to outsource to a call center, but these are five of the best benefits.

Have you considered outsourcing your incoming calls to a call center? There are lots of reasons why call center outsourcing has become the business norm. Outsourcing calls can lower costs, improve customer service, and boost productivity. Here are the top five reasons why the majority of successful businesses opt to outsource their call handling duties.

1. No Need to Purchase the Telecommunications Infrastructure

The infrastructure it takes to operate a fully-functional call center is significant. In addition to the phones, desks, computers, software licenses, and other equipment, the business has to invest significant funds into the actual space to put these things. When businesses choose an outsourcing partner, they are getting the benefit of working with a team that has already invested in all the necessary office space, equipment and programs to run a successful call center. This alone is an enormous cost saving advantage.

2. No Need to Invest in Extensive Employee Hiring and Training

First, you must build a team. That involves all the cost, time, and effort associated with advertising available jobs, screening applicants, conducting interviews, and completing the hiring process. And you must not only hire people to handle the phone calls, but also people to manage those people, and maybe even people to manage those managers. It’s a lot of hiring, especially if you need to fill out a team to staff your call center 24/7/365.

Next, you must train that team. And you have to train them to do something that is completely different from your core business. A good production worker and a good phone professional require different skills. Most businesses prefer to hire good workers for their production jobs and not burden these professionals with phone answering duties. It can take months to train a professional phone worker, another expense that most businesses gladly outsource to companies that specialize in training and grooming employees to manage calls from the public. Good call centers have outstanding training programs that they use to craft professional call center representatives. And any good call center knows that the training doesn’t stop after a couple weeks or months. Training should be an on-going initiative.

Finally, your call center team is going to want to get paid. So don’t forget all the salaries, benefits, paid time off, or any of the other things you have to pay for when you add an internal employee to your team. For most businesses, it’s far cheaper and more efficient to outsource all of these call center hiring and staffing requirements.

3. The Ability to Manage Customers Around the World

Most businesses work across multiple time zones and have customers with different linguistic needs. Even within U.S. borders, Spanish-speaking phone workers are becoming a necessity. A talented call center can provide bilingual answering services to manage calls any time of day or night. This means you can offer 24-7 support with bilingual call agents far cheaper than you could on your own. Managing a 24-7 call center in-house is cost-prohibitive for most businesses.

4. The Power to Improve Customer Service Levels

Effective customer service is essential for keeping a business successful. Social media, mobile technologies, and other modern innovations mean that satisfied customers are crucial to a successful business, because news of dissatisfaction spreads far and wide very quickly. Call center services specialize in customer service, and can offer a range of solutions to keep customers happy and coming back for more. This one-on-one attention to callers is difficult or impossible to achieve without a good outsourcing partner to provide customer care call center solutions.

5. The Flexibility to Launch New Programs and Products Quickly and Efficiently

Launching a new product or marketing campaign is a lot of work. With a professional service to handle inbound calls, you can do this quickly and easily without the burdens of training in-house staff to field questions about the campaign or new product. All you have to do is deliver the details of the campaign to your call center and let them handle the calls and questions.

As an additional benefit, call centers can give you an incredible amount of helpful call data, customer feedback, and analytics. This gives you a significant resources that can be used to improve products, create more informative marketing campaigns, and develop new products that are better received by your customer base.

Learn more about how outsourcing with a call center service provider can benefit your business.

Here at Signius, we have been partnering with businesses of all sizes and types for years to help them save money and improve their service. Contact us today for a free consultation so you can tell us about your requirements and hear about our solutions.

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