5 Reasons Why Using A Call Center Is A Better Choice Than Taking Calls Internally

Image of four people in a call center answering phones for a business that understands the benefits of outsourcing

Handling all your inbound business calls internally can be a drain on time and resources. Using a call center is often a better choice for many companies. Here’s 5 reasons why. Phone calls are the Wild Card of running any business. You are either fortunate and draw a great opportunity, or you wind up pulling… Read more »

5 Signs You Are Ready to Hire an Answering Service

Image of a businesswoman partnering with an answering service for her business

If you notice any of these indicators, then it’s time to seriously consider partnering with a live answering service for your business. You’ve finally done it! Your start-up business has landed its first customers and they’re excited about your products or services. In fact, you’ve even been collecting leads that are eagerly waiting for your… Read more »

Best of the 2016 Signius Blog

Image of a hand holding a sparkler to celebrate the best of the 2016 Signius blog

We revved up our blog efforts this year, so let’s have a look back and see what some of our top posts from 2016 look like. We hope this year has been as good to you as it has to us. 2016 afforded us the opportunity to put some time and effort back into our… Read more »

Proactive Customer Service: The Art of the Follow Up

Proactive Customer Service: The Art of the Follow Up How’s your company’s post sale customer service? Better question, what would your customers’ answer be? Too many people conceptualize customer service only as addressing customer problems. This is more accurately deemed “support”, whereas customer service encompasses every aspect of every interaction that your company has with… Read more »

Spend a Little on Live Support and Save More Than You Could Have Imagined

Image of money saved by businesses who use an answering service

Sure, partnering with an answering service will cost you a little, but they will actually help you save more money than you ever thought possible. Once an organization realizes that they could use an answering service to provide live support for their callers, they typically wonder how much it’s going to cost. Answering services aren’t… Read more »

Customer Service in the Modern Era

When Offering Customer Service in the Modern Era, Don’t Forget the Human Connection Yes, customer service is a massive industry that employees thousands of people across the country. Despite this, customers shopping in a wide variety of niches often feel ignored, and that their interactions with companies lack the human touch. Well over three-quarters of… Read more »

Why a HIPAA Compliant Answering Service is the Best Choice for Everyone

Image of agents taking calls at a HIPAA compliant answering service

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or not, a HIPAA compliant answering service is the best choice for you and your callers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with HIPAA compliant answering services, it is a form of live caller support that follows the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of… Read more »

Five Strategies for Improving the Overall Experience of Dealing with Your Organization

Five Strategies for Improving the Overall Experience of Dealing with Your Organization Thinking about the customer experience is a way to take a broader view than we sometimes afford ourselves when thinking about improving customer service. Customer service is critical, but the total customer experience is a larger concept that includes every single way that… Read more »