Spend a Little on Live Support and Save More Than You Could Have Imagined

Save Money With A Live Support Provider

Sure, partnering with an answering service will cost you a little, but they will actually help you save more money than you ever thought possible.

Once an organization realizes that they could use an answering service to provide live support for their callers, they typically wonder how much it’s going to cost. Answering services aren’t free, so that’s a fair question for those who are operating on a budget (and who isn’t?). While price is generally an important consideration when shopping for a live support partner, you should know that the money spent on an answering service is a tiny fraction of how much they can save you in the long run.

Here are several ways a live support provider can save you lots of money…

Save money on a receptionist

When you use a 24/7 virtual receptionist to handle your calls, there’s no need to hire a receptionist that sits in your office. Not only is the average receptionist salary now over $30k/year, but there are many more dollars that must go into training them, paying for sick/vacation time, and buying supplies for them to use. A live support provider can hook you up with your own virtual receptionist for as low as about $50/month. That’s an incredible amount of money saved just right there!

Save money on technology and phone equipment

Instead of investing lots of money into acquiring a hi-tech phone system and message logging platform, you could just use an answering service who already invests in those things for you. Good call centers harness the latest technology and routinely purchase new equipment to use on your account. Then they give you access to a powerful, secure, online portal that you can use to check out your messages, manage your on-call schedule, and plenty more.

Save money on customer retention efforts

A lost customer equals lost money. A great answering service works hard to improve the customer experience you provide by answering every call around the clock with a live person who is there to help. Rather than spending money on loyalty programs or even ignoring customer retention strategies, opt to enhance your customer service offering and hold onto more clients by signing up for a live support program designed to save your customers and save you money.

Save money on lead generation

Many businesses spend lots of money on generating leads. But did you know that simply answering each incoming call quickly with a live person will capture far more leads than simply letting callers go to voicemail? It’s true! Answering services save companies money by catching a bunch of sales leads they didn’t even know they were missing! So yes, an inbound call program can save you plenty of money on lead generation by making sure you never miss another sales opportunity.

There are even more ways that harnessing the powers of a live support provider can help your business cut costs. If you’d like to learn how we can help you save money with our answering services and virtual receptionists, give us a call today at 800-295-7000!

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