How Answering Service Makes a Small Business a Big Fish in a Big Pond

Small Fish With Ambitions Of A Big Shark Business Concept

Answering services for small businesses enable them to compete with the big kids on the block and beyond.

It’s a fact, in business you don’t have to be the big fish in the pond to look and act big! There can often be a certain amount of insecurity that many small businesses seem to exhibit that is centered around the very fact that they are a small business without the resources of a larger company. This is totally unnecessary.

There are many ways small businesses are better able to provide the kinds of hands on support and one-on-one interaction that larger companies just aren’t able to manage. However, there are also some advantages to being perceived as being able to offer the benefits of a larger company while retaining the personal touch offered from the smaller companies. Using an answering service for small businesses is a great way to achieve this balance.

Many local businesses are already using this type of support to help drive their business image and success. When it is after hours or when the phone lines are already occupied, their calls instead gets fielded by a professional answering service that will then relay messages quickly and efficiently to the appropriate parties within the company that callers are trying to reach. Some small businesses have even chosen to use a virtual receptionist to handle all their calls to present an image of professionalism each time someone dials their company.

An answering service gives your company a projected image that makes it look bigger and capable of handling everything that comes its way. It helps instill a sense of confidence in your organization among customers and potential clients. If people are constantly getting bounced to voicemail when they call, it can make them get the impression that your operation isn’t equipped to handle its current workload. On the other hand, if they can call at any time, day or night, and be greeted by a professional, courteous person who will assist them or take their message and ensure that it gets to the appropriate party, it can make callers confident that their concerns are being addressed directly.

Just like that, almost overnight, an answering service can elevate your status and give people the image that your company is perhaps larger than it really is and able to handle whatever business they have to bring your way. But it’s not just an image thing that answering services help with. In fact, they help capture more sales opportunities, improve your customer service offering, enhance your productivity, and more! All the while, you’re free to deliver on the great products and services that people have come to love from your business in the first place.

Sounds great, right? Well hold on one more minute. Before you jump in with just any answering service, it pays to research providers before you hire them in order to make sure that you’re finding the best fit for your company. For one, be sure to ask if they have any familiarity with your particular industry, and don’t be afraid to ask for references. In many industries, such as law or healthcare, there are specific regulations and laws that concern client information, and if you work in those or similar fields, you want to work with an answering service with experience in that area.

It also is a good idea to find an answering service that takes a hands on approach. They should work with you to customize an ideal plan and ensure that the service is projecting the image that you want when their receptionists answer the phone on your behalf. Little touches like developing a custom script and an FAQ knowledge base with responses to common questions can help make sure that your clients and prospects always get treated in a way consistent with your brand image and company values.

An answering service isn’t just about making your company look bigger. It’s about taking your business to the next level and showing your callers that doing business with you means always getting top-tier service.

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