4 Benefits of Using a Live Virtual Receptionist

Benefits Of Using A Live Virtual Receptionist

There are many benefits for businesses when it comes to using a live virtual receptionist service, but these are the four that are commonly acknowledge as the ones with the greatest impact.

In the last few years, many small businesses have started discovering the benefits of using outsourced call centers for virtual receptionist service. Thanks to the four following benefits of outsourcing their receptionist duties, companies that use a live virtual receptionist services end up saving time, money, and resources. Plus the find themselves improving the level of customer service that their company provides and even capturing more sales opportunities.

Benefits of Using a Live Virtual Receptionist

1. Virtual receptionists allow you to better manage your time
Answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and dealing with customer inquiries are crucial pieces of the puzzle that all businesses have to fit together. However, smaller companies may not have the bandwidth to tackle these tasks while still accomplishing their main job functions. Single person businesses or small businesses that rely on a small number of staff often find that handling receptionist duties takes up too much of their time, keeping them from being able to accomplish other important goals while they field phone calls and confirm customer appointments. By hiring a virtual receptionist, businesses can shift those responsibilities elsewhere, focusing on bigger picture tasks rather than handling receptionist duties that are keeping them from being as productive as they can be.

2. Virtual receptionists save your company money
When a business hires an in-house receptionist, it has to devote resources to training, benefits, taxes, and other employee related expenses. Virtual receptionists can be hired for a small fraction of the cost of a full time employee, while still accomplishing everything that an in-house receptionist can do.

3. Virtual receptionists are fully trained and professional
Virtual receptionists that work out of a call center have already been trained in customer service, professionalism, and all the other skills that they need to do the job effectively. Instead of having to train receptionists yourself and hope that the employees you hire to work in your office can handle the important job of dealing with their customers, companies that use virtual receptionists know that the people answering the phone have already been trained and vetted.

4. Virtual receptionists can be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
In-house receptionists are only available during business hours, meaning that calls that come in when they are not at their desk go unanswered. Since most businesses are closed for more hours than they are open, that means that there are many hours during the day where calls may be coming in with no response. Unlike in-house receptionists, virtual receptionists can be available at any time, whether your office is open or not, taking important calls and making sure that customers who aren’t able to contact your company during business hours get the attention and service they need to keep them as customers.
Another availability benefit of virtual receptionists is that because they are usually part of a team working for an outsourced call center, one can always be made available. Whereas normal employees can leave callers hanging when they get sick, go on temporary leave, take vacations, permanently leave their positions, or even just have another call to handle, there will always be a virtual receptionist ready on the other end of the line whenever a caller dials.

For more information on our virtual receptionist services and how they can benefit your business, contact us today for a free consultation.

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