Why Virtual Receptionist Services are the Perfect Solution for Startups

Image of a startup business owner that uses virtual receptionist services

Entrepreneurs with a fledgling business have a lot on their plates. Having the time to focus on crucial aspects of the startup is a must, which is where virtual receptionists can help.

If you watch shows like Shark Tank, you come to know people who have started a business based upon what they think is the best idea ever, and now they need some capital to fund their growth. We root for some of them, and scratch our heads at others, but we admire them for taking a risk on their dreams.

There are people reading this blog who will also start their own business this year. Every new business needs startup capital (some more than others) to get rolling, but many entrepreneurs learn that a different resource is harder to come by than money. What many new businesses often find that time can be even more difficult to come by.

In the early stages of business, there is SO much to do, and the more successful the company becomes, the busier you get. Imagine all the big picture items that must be addressed and then add in all the day-to-day pieces that you must do to keep moving forward. Now throw in the phone ringing throughout the day to disrupt whatever flow you had just gotten into and the task of running a startup seems pretty daunting.

One solution is to hire more staff. The issues with building out the team is that it requires both time AND money! It takes time to place ads, to read resumes, to conduct interviews, perform training, and then you have to pay them. Adding employees seems like a good idea for many entrepreneurs, but that is actually what gets a lot of young businesses into trouble.

What if you could get around most of those time and money issues by using a Virtual Receptionist Service? A remote receptionist takes all the phone calls off your plate so you can focus on the most important parts of your young business while still ensuring that your callers are taken care of and you’re providing a professional customer experience. And best of all? You don’t have to spend hardly any time or money when compared to hiring internally.

Signius offers affordable virtual secretary services and we really enjoy working with startups to give them the edge they need to succeed. Just give us a couple hours of your time, answer some questions about your company and how you’d like calls handled and our people will be ready to hit the ground running.

Our experienced receptionists are already trained to answer the phone professionally, screen calls that aren’t urgent, take messages, route callers based upon specific instruction, and even take orders or schedule appointments. All this comes at a flexible, predictable monthly fee that we work to fit into your financial budget.

Virtual receptionist services from Signius are ideal for startups so they can save time and money while they pursue their passion. Contact us today to learn more!

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