Advantages of an After Hours Phone Service

Advantages Of An After Hours Phone Service

Businesses of all sizes in many different industries benefit from an after-hours phone service to take calls. Here are some of the best advantages to incorporating a service like this into your company.

Signius Communications began as a small after hours answering service many years ago. We have grown over the past few decades to be a full-service inbound call center for many different types of business across the United States. Although some things have changed, some have not. The need for highly qualified, personable and professional people to answer phone calls and questions all around the clock is as strong now as it has ever been.

Why is that?

Regular business hours may be from 9-5, but we all know that if you run a customer-oriented business, you are always on-call. It’s long been our pleasure to support professionals like physicians, contractors, property managers, and attorneys as it is often extremely important that callers be able to get in touch with them no matter what time it is. Today, with increased competition and globalization, there are now other industries which have experienced a need to put a strong focus on client satisfaction. Having an after-hours answering service available is a great way to provide customers with the support they need and appreciate. That kind of personal attention leads to customers that stick around for a long time.

So, what are some of the advantages of using an after-hours phone service?

Improved Productivity

Rather than spending the first part of their day listening to voicemails, decoding disorganized messages, and prioritizing call backs, businesses that use an answering service for after-hour calls can come into the office and get straight to work. Having a remote receptionist to screen calls, deliver succinct messages, and even book appointments allows employees to focus on their job throughout the day for dramatically increased productivity.

Better Organization and Communication

Rather than having messages scribbled down on pieces of paper everywhere or wondering if a caller has gotten any follow up, businesses that use an after-hours phone answering service get the benefit of improved office accountability. All messages taken by the service are logged to a secure online portal where your team can get all the details, assign responsibility, and ensure that customers get a return call.

Increased Sales

Many times we have partnered with businesses to provide phone answering service that previously only had voicemail as an after-hours solution. Many of them are amazed to find out how much business they had been missing once they’d left the office. When people dial a company only to reach a recording, they hang up and ring the competitor.

High Client Satisfaction

How many times have you seen a review or rant on social media where someone needed a plumber or electrician and no one returned their calls? An after-hours customer service support line is simply smart business. If a customer has an immediate need, then providing them with a solution that allows them to have their issues addressed at any time goes a long way.

Reputation Building

Word-of-mouth and recommendations can be the key factor influencing the decision of a prospective customer to choose your service over that of your competition. By providing excellent customer service through an after-hours answering service, you are creating a level of client satisfaction that can help turn customers into advocates of your company.

These are just a few of the many advantages and benefits of using an after-hours phone service. Signius can provide you with the after-hours customer service support that you require to remain a step above the competition. Designed to meet your budget and fully-equipped to exceed your expectations, it’s a comfort for you to know that your business and callers are in good hands no matter when the phone rings.

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