Small Businesses Boost Sales With Answering Services

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Small Businesses Can Boost Sales Growth by Using Order Taking Answering Service Solutions

Unfortunately, we live in a world that has become dominated by automated answering services. We all know the frustration of calling to perform the simplest task, only to be stymied at every turn by a robotic voice that either requests voice commands that it can’t understand, or which makes us listen to an endless laundry list of options before accepting our keyed input to navigate further down the rabbit hole of the glorified answering machine.

Today, many small businesses primarily operate online or conduct most of their business communications through email, leaving these types of automated horror shows to the larger corporations. However, providing a helpful, receptive and available customer service over the telephone can be a way to win customers over for life. The problem is that most small businesses don’t have the time or the manpower to really ensure that their phones are always staffed in a way that they can be happy with. Similarly, most assume that the cost of an answering service wouldn’t be worth the benefits they might enjoy from it.

A huge mistake that can really dig into the bottom line is trusting a simple voicemail service to attend to incoming calls. The problem here is that more than three-quarters of all callers don’t even bother to leave a message when they get voicemail, because they assume no one will ever call them back. That means that all those potential sales are just falling through the cracks

The upside to this is that it provides small businesses with an opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition. While the competitors are letting prospects get stuck listening to robotic voicemail messages or treating their phone lines as nothing more than an afterthought, small businesses who take the initiative to start working with a sales order processing answering service create a huge opportunity for sales growth. With an answering service, every customer who calls your company can be greeted by the voice of a real human being who will listen carefully to their concerns and then ensure they are addressed in the appropriate manner.

Also, it is important for small business owners to realize that answering services do not need to be expensive. There are many ways that an answering service can tailor their packages to offer affordable service even for very small independent operations. The extra income generated by preventing sales from slipping through the cracks should be more than enough to justify the cost of an answering service for most small companies. In fact, an answering service should do more than just help you break even. By ensuring that all callers receive excellent customer service and are dealt with by a human being, small businesses can generate significant growth and increased sales opportunities as a result of this small change.

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