Is Your Business Meeting Your Customers’ Needs?


It is important for businesses to ensure they are meeting their customers’ needs and wants. In the past it was perfectly acceptable for a business to tell people what they desired. However, this is no longer the case. Thanks to the Internet, customers are much more educated than they were in the past. When it comes time to make a purchasing decision, they spend time searching for businesses offering the products and/or services they need online.

customer serviceThey take the time to review customer ratings and written feedback to decide whether this business is going to earn a sale from them. Businesses need to review these, too, to see what their customers are saying. People look for several things, like the quality of the products or services, prices compared to competitors, the level of customer service, how a business responds to customers when there are problems, and what support options are available if they need help or have questions.

Customers are the ones telling businesses their expectations. By ignoring these, a business runs the risk of losing a customer to a competitor. On the other hand, listening to your customers results in satisfied customers who remain loyal to your products or services, as well as increases your customer retention rates.

Five Ways Call Center Services Can Increase Customer Retention

One major complaint from customers has to do with when they call for support from a business and are routed instead to an overseas call center, where they have to then deal with communication issues. Most people would prefer phoning a U.S.-based call center, where the people answering the phone speak fluent English. Regardless of whether you use an overseas or U.S.-based called center, there are several ways to guarantee your call center outsourcing is delivering quality customer experiences and increasing customer retention rates.

  1. Listen to what the customer is saying. Get rid of phone scripts, and listen to the customer.
  2. Treat customers how you would want to be treated. Put yourself in the place of your customer. Would you be happy if the person answering the phone was trying to sell you something instead of resolving your problem or answering your questions?
  3. Resolve problems first before attempting to sell. A happy customer whose problems have been resolved is likely to be more receptive to a sale. Selling first and problem solving second is a big turn off.
  4. Reward loyal customers. It is amazing how many businesses attract new customers with some promotional offer, and, once that is over, seem to forget about them. Do not ignore longtime loyal customers, to keep them happy.
  5. Only offer what the customer truly wants. Each customer is different, and this is where listening is vital. Discover your customers’ needs by asking questions, and tailor offers based upon their answers.


By working with your business answering service and developing effective methods for delivering quality customer service experiences, you are able to build stronger relationships with your customers. For a free, no obligation consultation, contact Signius Communications at 1-800-295-7000 today.


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