How Call Center Services Keep Businesses Running During Emergencies

How Call Center Services Keep Businesses Running During Emergencies

It’s all too common for a disaster scenario to bring businesses screeching to a halt. Incorporating a call center into emergency contingency plans is a great way to keep things moving forward.

No one can predict when an emergency situation will happen and interrupt normal business operation. The only way to prepare is to have an emergency operation plan in place before an emergency or catastrophic event occurs. When businesses don’t have a plan in place for dealing with floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, widespread illness, and other emergency situations that can interfere with the normal operation of business, the results can be catastrophic: according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, 25% of businesses are unable to resume operations after a major disaster, and those that are able to reopen face huge potential losses during the time it takes them to reopen and resume their normal routine.

Thankfully for businesses worried about the impact a sudden emergency can have on their ability to operate, disaster backup call center services provide several options that help keep businesses running when unexpected obstacles appear. Let’s take a look at some of the ways working with a call center service can help keep businesses running during just about any situation:

  • Emergency notifications – When an emergency situation arises, call centers can send out emergency notifications to employees and customers via phone or text, keeping them appraised of the situation and alerting them to any information they need to know.
  • Hotlines – Has your office building flooded, forcing it to be closed for repair? Has a power outage taken out company phone and internet, preventing customers from getting in touch? A call center can set up an emergency hotline for your business, which people can then call to find out what is going on with the business and how to establish contact until normal operations resume. This can be used both for customer-facing issues, as well as internal employee communications.
  • Call forwarding – What happens if there’s a crucial phone meeting with an important client scheduled on the same day a wildfire is spreading near your office, forcing the employee who was supposed to handle the call to stay home? If your business works with a call center, this problem can be fixed in no time. Call center services can reroute incoming phone calls to the business to a home or cell phone, allowing employees to get work done from home without a hitch even if the office is unreachable.
  • Emergency calling and answering service – If your business can’t afford to miss customer phone calls or stop reaching out to potential clients, even during an emergency, a call center service can help. An outsourced call center can easily create an emergency answering service to handle incoming calls. Specialized receptionists can answer caller questions, help reschedule appointments, and ensure you still receive all those important messages.

For any business putting an emergency plan in place, working with a reliable call center service is an essential step in maintaining operational continuity during disasters and other emergency events. By partnering with a call center service before an emergency occurs, companies can be sure to have the tools they need to continue running smoothly whenever an unexpected event interferes with the normal operation of business. Taking these preemptive steps will help save your business large sums of money when a disaster does come around. It will also help establish your company with a reputation of reliability and dedication.

Signius Communications U.S.-based call center outsourcing services help all kinds of businesses stay in touch with customers and employees, even during emergencies. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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