The Benefits for Small Businesses with 24 Hour Phone Answering Services

The Benefits For Small Businesses With 24 Hour Phone Answering Services

Many small businesses find it difficult to cost-effectively provide round-the-clock phone coverage. Those that have found the solution use a 24 hour answering service for small businesses.

Being able to compete with large and global business operations means you have to explore various solutions that are cost-effective for your type of business. Most small businesses and even many medium sized companies lack sufficient resources to hire their own staff to provide 24 hour call coverage. Covering all of the salaries of employees needed for this venture is not the best use of your resources. However, business opportunities don’t simply cease to exist when the office closes at 5 pm. The conundrum of choosing between missing important phone calls and paying to hire someone to cover the phones on a 24/7 basis is a frequent one among businesses. A viable alternative is to outsource your call answering services to a qualified third party. Doing so enables your business to reap several benefits.

24/7 Customer Service

Your customers are able to obtain support from live representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can even opt to have the answering service take calls on holidays. Working with a 24 hour small business answering service allows you tap into their established processes to help provide support for your customers. When clients aren’t shoehorned into calling during normal business hours and are instead allowed to reach out on their terms when it’s most convenient for them, it’s a huge win for your customer experience. Using a customized script that accurately portrays your brand voice, an outsourced receptionist service will help you develop a reputation for commitment to customer satisfaction and earn better customer retention rates.

Constant Availability

Your customers never have to worry about getting an automated system or voicemail. Instead, they are always able to speak to live representatives to have questions answered, obtain assistance in placing orders, or schedule appointments. This enables you to do business around-the-clock without having to lift a finger. Coming into the office the next day to find a log of satisfied customers, booked appointments, and new orders from the night before is a reality available to those who tap into the power of 24 hour answering services for small businesses.

Increased Revenue

And what happens when you are providing better customer service, scheduling more appointments, and capturing more leads? That’s right, you make more money! Each phone call to your business is an opportunity of some kind whether that is the chance to provide stellar service or capture a new sales lead. A small business 24 hour answering service ensures you never miss another phone call or opportunity that will increase your revenue.

Answering Services Cost Less

The costs to pay your own employees is much more expensive than using a professional answering service. For instance, if the average salary for a receptionist is around $30k/year. And that doesn’t even take into account other associated expenses like worker’s compensation insurance, overtime, benefits, or office supplies.

For a fraction of these costs, your small business can use a 24/7 answering service. This type of solution provides your business with an economical and cost-effective option, allowing you to compete with other companies of any size. Not to mention, you eliminate all the added costs related to employee salaries and the required equipment.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

An experienced small business answering service that provides 24-hour support should be able to customize a solution to fit with your specific objectives. You are free to choose from a wide range of services and only select those you feel are of benefit for your business operation. In addition, as your business grows and your requirements change, you are able to modify and update your solution to match your current business strategies. For more information about 24/7 answering services for small business, feel free today to contact Signius Communications today.

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