Live Chat Makes Customer Service Faster, More Efficient

Live Chat Makes Customer Service Faster More Efficient

Technology has made consumers less patient with long waits for service and support. Shoppers who can send money around the world with the click of a mouse don’t have much tolerance for being put on hold or having to go through an automated decision tree to get help from a business. That’s why many live answering services are incorporating live chat functions into their operations, making them quicker and more responsive in handling customer needs.

Live chat services allow answering service representatives to chat with customers about their questions and concerns online. This allows representatives to handle multiple customer requests at one time, increasing efficiency and timeliness. Live chat offers several benefits to customers including:

Live chat offers customers the benefit of clear communication. One example includes hard of hearing customers struggling with live answering service personnel via phone. Using live chat allows for less confusing communication.

Live chat makes it easier for friends or family members calling on behalf of another person to relay questions and instructions between the customer and the answering service representative. This reduces confusion and frustration on the part of customers, providing them with a better service experience.

Live chat can provide customers with greater privacy. In today’s world, work and home life often intersect, meaning that some consumers may need to make customer service calls from their desks at work. Providing live chat helps companies keep these calls discreet, keeping the customer out of trouble with their boss, and also helping him or her avoid calling out credit card numbers and other personal information in the office.

Using live chat keeps customers from having to re-enter their information again and again. Often on customer service calls, the caller will be asked to enter his or her Social Security, credit card, or other information multiple times. With live chat, the information is provided once and is then available to the answering service representative in text format throughout the remainder of the call.

Another key benefit of live chat for customers is that they get the advice or instructions they need from customer service in writing. This allows them to more easily refer to instructions when addressing a problem. It also provides them with a record of the conversation should they need to call for additional support.

For companies that care about providing top notch service to their loyal customers, live chat is a great option for fielding service and support calls. Ask your answering and call center service provider about live chat today to learn more about how it can improve your customer service operation.

Signius provides answering service and call center services for a wide variety of businesses. Signius ensures that your clients can interact with a live representative, 24/7, who can provide helpful support and information. To learn more, contact 1-800-295-7000 800-295-7000 FREE.

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