Why An Answering Service is a Good Plan

Why Leaving Answering Phones to the Professionals is a Good Plan For Executing Great Customer Service Everyone has their part to play in the large machinery of a modern corporation. IT professionals are experts at implementing and maintaining technology infrastructure. Sales people spend years learning how to create value and close a deal. Customer service… Read more »

When Choosing a Virtual Receptionist is the Right Move

Image of a virtual receptionist

There are many cases when a business can greatly benefit from using a virtual receptionist. Here’s how you can tell if it would be a good choice for your company. Virtual receptionists are people who answer phone calls for businesses, take and deliver messages, screen and transfer callers, set appointments, input orders, and plenty more… Read more »

Don’t Get Stuck With a Zombie Answering Service

Image of a zombie in a graveyard at night

Truly horrific in nature, zombie answering services drag down each unfortunate soul who makes the grave mistake of signing up with them. Thankfully, as long as you know what to look for, then you can avoid the perils of these kinds of monsters. So how can you tell if you’ve got a zombie answering service… Read more »

Avoiding Customer Service Clichés

Avoiding Customer Service Clichés and False Promises There are certain clichés that have become so ingrained in the fabric of customer service agents that they appear to have lost all meaning. At this point, if a customer hears a someone use one of these phrases, they may immediately tune out or stop trusting that organization…. Read more »

Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels

Learn About Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels The best hotels around act as an oasis for exhausted travelers. After meeting with clients, enjoying the sights of a new city, or visiting the night away, nothing is quite as welcome or as needed as a clean, quiet, and comfortable hotel room…. Read more »

Marketing Tip – Take Your Questions to Your Customers

Marketing Tip – Take Your Questions to Your Customers Many successful companies are playing with a stacked deck full of marketing experts, advertising gurus, customer experience innovators and market research masters. However, for all the money, time and work that is often put into improving products, services or procedures within a company, there is often… Read more »

Three Creative Ways to Say “No” to Your Customers

Three Creative Ways to Say “No” to Your Customers                 Whether your career in the client relations business has been long or short, the chances that you have been told “the customer is always right,” is very likely. Clients come in all forms and while there are many people who are accepting of the answer… Read more »