Avoiding Customer Service Clichés

Avoiding Customer Service Clichés and False Promises There are certain clichés that have become so ingrained in the fabric of customer service agents that they appear to have lost all meaning. At this point, if a customer hears a someone use one of these phrases, they may immediately tune out or stop trusting that organization…. Read more »

How Answering Service Makes Small Business a Big Fish in a Big Pond

Using an Answering Service to Take Your Small Business to the Big Leagues It’s a fact, in business you don’t have to be the big fish in the pond to look and act big! There can often be a certain amount of insecurity that many small businesses seem to exhibit that is centered around the very fact that… Read more »

Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels

Learn About Customer Service From The Best in the Business: Top-Tier Hotels The best hotels around act as an oasis for exhausted travelers. After meeting with clients, enjoying the sights of a new city, or visiting the night away, nothing is quite as welcome or as needed as a clean, quiet, and comfortable hotel room…. Read more »

Marketing Tip – Take Your Questions to Your Customers

Marketing Tip – Take Your Questions to Your Customers Many successful companies are playing with a stacked deck full of marketing experts, advertising gurus, customer experience innovators and market research masters. However, for all the money, time and work that is often put into improving products, services or procedures within a company, there is often… Read more »

Overflow Answering Services For Doctors

How Can Overflow Answering Services Help Your Doctors Office?                 Your office is filled with patients and more potential patients keep calling! How can your team manage the calls while still providing the proper level of customer care to your current patients? That’s where a call overflow answering service for doctors comes into play! We… Read more »

Three Creative Ways to Say “No” to Your Customers

Three Creative Ways to Say “No” to Your Customers                 Whether your career in the client relations business has been long or short, the chances that you have been told “the customer is always right,” is very likely. Clients come in all forms and while there are many people who are accepting of the answer… Read more »

Live Chat Makes Customer Service Faster, More Efficient

Technology has made consumers less patient with long waits for service and support. Shoppers who can send money around the world with the click of a mouse don’t have much tolerance for being put on hold or having to go through an automated decision tree to get help from a business. That’s why many live… Read more »

The Benefits for Small Businesses with 24 Hour Phone Answering Services

Being able to compete with large and global business operations means you have to explore various solutions that are cost-effective for your type of business. Most small, and even medium, sized businesses lack sufficient resources to hire their own staff to operate a 24 hour call center. Covering all of the salaries of employees needed… Read more »